Environmental Protection

ISO 14001 environmental management system certified. Regular reviews are conducted.

EPi commitment to pursue to a sustainable environment and to continual improvement of the environment management system to enhance environmental performance.


Energy Conservation & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • Periodic review of electrical energy usage
  • Energy efficiency and carbon reduction is promoted/encouraged
  • The energy-consuming facilities were replaced with new energy-efficient models. The office also started to adopt LED ceiling lights
  • Support for carbon-free or low-carbon commute by bike


Water Management

  • Reduction of water usage
  • Wastewater is reclaimed and reused
  • Discharge monitoring system installed to ensure the effluent wafer quality is better or compliant with standards


Sustainable Use of the Earth's Resources

  • High resource utilization: The packing materials are recycled. Both sides of the paper are printed
  • Reduced environmental impact: Waste is managed for resource recycling. Paper consumption is reduced by digitized document and electronic communication


Green Supply Chain

  • At Episil-Precision, we value our partnerships with suppliers as links in a reliable semiconductor supply chain. We assist suppliers to conduct risk assessments, improve management and ensure chemicals comply with current laws and regulations. A rigorous contractor supervision and management process effectively monitors compliance with environmental, safety, and health (ESH) regulations; personnel safety is thereby ensured and property loss prevented. We are also cognizant of labor and human rights issues. For example, we request that suppliers eschew conflict zone minerals. 
  • Since 2011 Episil-Precision have requested their suppliers and suppliers’ supply chain to disclose their cooperated smelting plant and mine list; we also encourage our suppliers and their supply chain to purchase from non-conflict smelting plant and mine. In addition, we request our supplier to urge those smelting plant and mine which not yet obtain non-conflict authentication to accept conflict-free smelter Program (CFSP) or other equivalent 3rd party’s audit and authentication. 
  • Episil-Precision will continuously devote ourselves to achieve in the use of Ta, Sn, Au, W and Co on the line with the “conflict-free” principal as the goal, and regularly update annual survey of suppliers, asking them to improve and expand the scope of the information disclosure to comply with regulation and customer requirements. 
  • The so-called "conflict-free" raw material is material come from Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Global e-Sustainability Initiate (GeSI), other equivalent organization approved Smelting plant, or been identified as “DFC conflict free” after reasonable verification and due diligence.