Employee Care



Welfare & Careers

  • Quarterly incentive bonus, performance bonus, employee bonus, and bonuses given for three of the Chinese festivals
  • Job assignments and promotions are based on individual ability and qualification
  • Assistance with career development by arranging professional training and competence programs
  • Encouragement for foreign language proficiency by tuition allowance


All in the Family

  • The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch
  • Company outings and anniversary celebration. Employees’ family members are all welcome to join
  • Nursing room for the support of breastfeeding
  • Cash gifts in significant life events. Wedding, childbirth and funeral


Health Care

  • Physical examinations are arranged regularly
  • On-site health lecture series
  • Work-life balance through exercise. Table tennis is the favorite aerobic activity during breaks. Other exercises such as walking, jogging and yoga are also available
  • Weight loss contest